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Inventories and inspections
Why go for a mid-term inspection?

If you are a commercial or private landlord, or a lettings agent managing properties on behalf of your clients, one of the biggest concerns during tenancies is in knowing the current condition of your building and its contents.

A detailed report on the general condition or status of the property helps ensure that tenants do not misuse it. Propview are experts in property inspection reports and inventory management to check that your property is safe, secure and free from damage.

Our highly experienced team undertake detailed inspections of rental properties halfway through tenancies. It’s a great way to ensure that tenancy arrangements and mutual obligations are on track and provides early warning signs of any issues. That helps to avoid difficult, stressful and time consuming tenancy disputes at the end of the contract.

These inspections are crucial to ascertain the status of the property, to identify if any repairs are needed and to ensure the property is occupied by the right tenants. It also helps to foster a baseline understanding with tenants and in many cases helps to build a professional rapport with them.

Likewise with our professional inventory reports, which are a key reference point for landlords and tenants to end tenancy agreements amicably. Propview can arrange a full inventory on tenancy commencement, undertake a mid-term check and cross reference it all at the end of the tenancy to ensure any missing, broken or damaged items or furnishings are accounted for.

Propview’s detailed inspection reports include a summary of the overall health of the property, as well as any specific issues which need addressing immediately.

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